Eat and Drink - Best Restaurants in Lagos

Some of the famous cuisines in Lagos include indigenous delicacies such as eba and egusi; amala and ewedu; jollof; ofada rice; plantains (locally called dodo); beans; suya (spicy shish kebab or spiced roasted beef), which is consumed in local clubs and bars with a bottle of cold beer; and eba, made from cassava and eaten with soups prepared with vegetables and mixture of spices and herbs. Other cuisines range from local ones like Iyan (pounded yam) made from yam flour, amala; asaro, which is usually eaten with various kind of vegetables; and Egusi (melon soup) to European, Middle-Eastern, and Asian cuisine

Bottles Restaurant

Bottles Restaurant in Lagos

Picture a sunny afternoon- a mariachi band playing, a cowboy in a ten-gallon hat sipping a cold beer. Bottle was formed in the mid 90’s to bring different cultures into one community over margaritas and sumptuous Mexican cuisine accompanied by the heart excesses of the Texan South.

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Bungalow Restaurant (Victoria Island)

Bungalow Restaurant (Victoria Island) in Lagos

As the proud owner and founder of Bungalow Restaurant since 2004, I welcome you to come and visit our restaurants. We really don't look at them as restaurants but as extensions of our home to you. So sit back, relax and enjoy your meal in our house!
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Cactus Restaurant

Cactus Restaurant in Lagos

Carefully tucked behind one of the buildings along the Victoria Island expressway, Cactus is truly an amazing place to be. Enjoy our FREE unlimited WiFi during your stay at Cactus!

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Don Toro Angus Steakhouse

Don Toro Angus Steakhouse restaurant in Lagos

Quality Steaks of selected Angus and Hereford meat, cut at the time of your order to the size requested. Grilled to perfection, served with homemade sides and sauces. Simply the best steaks in town. Throughout the Algarve!

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Jevinik in Lagos

With over 25 years in business, Jevinik Restaurant has acquired ample culinary skills to serve you with homemade mouth-watering African-Style delicacies, served in a cosy restaurant and at a reasonable price.

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RSVP restaurant

RSVP restaurant in Lagos

Freshly made food, excellent bar offerings and stellar service, all within the carefully designed space where art, music and comfort meet is what you should expect when in our care.

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