Museum Of Contemporary Art

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Lagos, Nigeria

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Lagos (MOCA, Lagos) uses the visual arts as a point of departure for exploring new and challenging inter disciplinary artistic production. Through exhibitions and public engagement programs, MOCA, Lagos aims to incite dialogues on pressing on local and global social and political issues and fosters a dynamic space for the exploration and continuous evolution of contemporary African art.

The museum of contemporary art Lagos marked its first anniversary show on Saturday, 22nd of June 2019, with different art works from 10 respected contemporary artists. With the theme carefully chosen – ‘Of things not seen’, each artist aptly worked their way through it by stretching imaginations, provoking thoughts and inspiring ideas of what the unknown has to unfold. The exhibition runs till 30th of August 2019. Art enthusiasts are welcome to visit as admission is absolutely free!

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