Attractions and Places to Visit in Lagos

Lagos: megacity, commercial nerve, touristic attraction, and land of opportunities. Naturally, a city such as it should only provide its residents and visitors with endless choices of sights, sounds, and activities, and it does indeed. Lagos has a thriving arts scene, and there are numerous galleries in the city showcasing works of art (both contemporary and traditional) from Nigeria and all over Africa. The city's many galleries & museums, which you could visit are going to make your stay in Lagos unforgettable.

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Lagos, Nigeria

Museum Of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Lagos (MOCA, Lagos) uses the visual arts as a point of departure for exploring new and challenging inter disciplinary artistic production. Through exhibitions...
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Mydrim Gallery in Lagos

Mydrim Gallery

Established in 1992, Mydrim Gallery is one of the oldest existing galleries in Lagos, Nigeria. The gallery is a reality borne out of a dream rooted in a passion for the beauty expressed through art.
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Omenka Gallery in Lagos

Omenka Gallery

Omenka Gallery is a leading art gallery in Nigeria and Africa, representing a fine selection of established and emerging contemporary Nigerian and international artists working in diverse media.
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